The Healing Tree Center in Peru

We are a traditional shamanic center from Cusco, Perú and since 2010 we offer authentic, safe and affordable Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreats, for personal development, life-path insight and healing of mind, body and soul.

What we believe in The Healing Tree Center

Never before has the planet and it´s master plant Ayahuasca more in the public eye- across the internet, in news reports, documentaries, music and blogs, and for good reason. Both the planet and the mother earth energy struggling to support us, have been increasingly reaching out, through each and every channel, in order that the generations now responsible for this world may truly start on a path of planetary healing.

As more and more of us, from all corners of the world,  are being drawn back to the ceremonies of our ancients, and inparticular the shamanic Ayahuasca medicine of Amazon, we are seeing an increasing number of people, on a scale never seen before, who are experiencing both expanded awareness of the planet, and profound personal transformation through these master plants.

​As the medical and science industries are increasingly (re)discovering more cures for common diseases and ailments among the plants of the Amazon, we are seeing a resurgence of interest in the knowledge of the shamans and medicine people, who understand that the planet truly provides us with everything we need for our own physical, mental and spiritual healing. (This so-called “alternative” medicine is somewhat ironically named, given it was the original and only medicine used by our human ancestors for thousands of years!) 

Everyone at The Healing Tree Center, our Shamans through to the retreat assistants, has experienced their own unique calling to this work.  

​We are all united in our passion and commitment to learning and working  with the planet and it´s masters, and through the assistance of these extraodinary plants, helping each individual in their own healing, personal development, fulfillment and happiness. 

​Our commitment is to professionalism, patient comfort, health and safety.